Synchronicity, C.G. Jung and 189

“Synchronicity is divine law and order – it is the norm of the universe. The study of synchronicity and the Synchronic Order is so vast that it could use it´s own seven volumes. C.G. Jung first introduced the idea of synchronicity to the masses in 1952, with his famous exposition on the topic. Jung described synchronicity as an “acausal connecting principle”. In other words, the term synchronicity designates the simultaneous occurrence of meaningful coincidences in time, but without sufficient physical evidence to place them in a relationship of cause and effect. His studies were linked to his own experiments and related investigations of the I-Ching.

Jung further concluded that the connecting principle (of synchronicity) must lie in the equal significance of parallel events. He said: “One and the same transcendental meaning might manifest itself simultaneously in the human speech and in the arrangement of an external and independent event.

According to Cosmic History, synchronicity is a simultaneity of outer events and inner psychic perceptions, thoughts or feeling that appear to be unanticipated or otherwise unconnected – such that there is a psychic jolt – a release of psi energy. This is the opening to pure fourth dimensional consciousness. This is the active participation in the synchronic order.

Cosmic History Chronicles Vol 4 Book of Initiation

Carl Gustav Jung 07.26.1875 Kin 234 to 06.06.1961 Kin 114

The ancient Maya had up to 17 different calendars. One that was used for daily practice and divination was the Tzolkin. The Tzolkin Matrix is a cosmic knowledge  tool combining 20 seals with 13 tones. These 20 seals are what Jung would describe as Archetypes, combined with a 13 tone Wavespell of creation. The symbolical meaning and knowledge of the 260 Tzolkin Units was reactivated and transcribed by visionary Jose Arguelles into 5 line verses and finally into  a “game” called Dreamspell.  This happened during the 1980´s while he was traveling through Switzerland. By study of these Tzolkin archetypes the meaning can finally be reduced into pure number. The Mayas called a day „Kin“ and this was the same word for „Human“. Thus a person is coded by the day energy of the Tzolkin and their personal archetype or number.

13×20= 260 Unit Tzolkin MatriX

C.G. Jung for example is Kin 234 White Cosmic Wizard, the 5 line verse of Kin 234 is:

Kin 234

I endure in order to enchant
Transcending receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of endlessness

March 03 2020 is again Kin 234 in the Tzolkin Matrix. This means that 52780 days (and 37 leap days) or 203 Tzolkins of 260 days each have elapsed since the birth of swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung July 26 1875.

March 03 2020 is also my own 45th birthday, a reason for me to once again upload this reedited blog. And here is my first major synchronicity with Jung:

Freud Meeting – Freud Separation

 I had not met with much sympathy for the ideas expressed in “The

Psychology of Dementia Praecox.” In fact, my colleagues laughed

at me. But through this book I came to know Freud. He invited me to

visit him, and our first meeting took place in Vienna in March 1907.

We met at one o’clock in the afternoon and talked virtually without a

pause for thirteen hours. Freud was the first man of real importance

I had encountered; in my experience up to that time, no one else

could compare with him. There was nothing the least trivial in his

attitude. I found him extremely intelligent, shrewd, and altogether

remarkable. And yet my first impressions of him remained

somewhat tangled; I could not make him out.

What he said about his sexual theory impressed me. Nevertheless,

his words could not remove my hesitations and doubts. I tried to

advance these reservations of mine on several occasions, but each

time he would attribute them to my lack of experience.

CG Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections  p.185

I asked myself in the beginning if this date, the meeting with Jung and Freud could be a mistake, but I found it in several publications. For example in John Kerr´s book: A most dangerous method, the Story of Jung, Freud and Sabina Spielrein.

This means that Jung and Freud met in Vienna March 03 1907 on the day exactly 68 years before I was born on March 03 1975 in Munich.

In her book “Jung A Biography” Deirdre Bair writes about this meeting of Jung with Freud:

Jung wanted to know what Freud thought about para-psychological phenomena and precognition. … Freud never made a lengthy coherent account of this conversation, but according to Jung’s account, he unreservedly rejected all para-psychological phenomena “as nonsense” which Jung attributed to his materialistic bias. Suddenly, from the glass-fronted bookcase they were sitting in front of, came such a loud noise, that they both jumped up, in fear that the whole closet might topple over. “This is now a so called catalytic phenomenon of exteriorization,” insisted Jung. “Oh,” replied Freud, “that is a bodily nonsense.” To prove that he was right, Jung predicted that there would be another such rumpus, and immediately afterwards the same noise began in the closet.

“Jung A Biography” German edition, page 170

In an 1953 interview with Dr. Kurt Eissler Jung said the following about this 13 hour lasting meeting with Freud:

“It is like at the time of birth. With birth everything is already there. Everything already there!  Actually there is no time. Time is nothing. This you experience during such occasions.

Library of Congress, Sigmund Freud Papers: Interviews and Recollections, 1914-1998; Set A, 1914-1998; Interviews and; Jung, C. G., 1953

But not only is my birth date March 03 linked to the meeting of Jung with Freud, obviously also in certain ways  their separation. It was September 07 and 08 2002, exactly 89 years after Jung and Freud´s “split” that I attended a course in Vedic Astrology at a place in the Munich train station area. It´s only one kilometer distance from the Munich train station to the Hotel Bayerischer Hof were Jung and Freud last met. I still have the folios of this Astrology course, see picture below. I was always fascinated especially about Vedic Astrology and it´s cross connection to other knowledge systems. And still today from time to time I look into my Vedic Astrology chart to check my “Dasha”  periods, the time friendly and unfriendly planets influence your life.

Astrology course by Marcus Schmieke, veden-akademie.de

Here is a link to the original Bayerischer Hof “Guestbook” on the separation of Jung and Freud.


Jung studied Astrology as well as the UFO phenomenon. He was interested in Occultism and other esoteric subjects. While Freud was more “down to earth” relating all phenomena to biology and sexual impressions. This is why the “divorce” at the end was inevitable. Some people even say that Jung himself was the Archetype of the transition from Pisces to Aquarius. But during his life and studies he never left the ground of science and one of his famous quotes on UFO´s was:

“I must confess that in this matter I believe nothing, for I just don´t know. I can´t believe anything I don´t know, and once I know it I don´t need to believe it any more.”

One further synchronicity happened when I once surfed into Jung´s vedic Astrology chart. I checked the Dasha periods of the planets, when they would „unfold“ their potential influence and noticed it was always the 27th of December. Looking at the actual date we had I raised my eyebrows – it was the 27th of December (2017).

Number 189, the Red Book and the Golden Crown

After I noticed that C.G.Jung had written a so called Red Book, in February 2013 I made myself a birthday present and bought this one, as I was to turn 38 years old soon. Jung himself called the Red Book precious as he didn’t know how to deal with the overwhelming power of visions he had experienced but writing and drawing them into a book.

There were some interesting things happening in February 2013 when the Red Book arrived. First German pope Benedikt announced the stepping down from his throne on Feb 11, (he was to resign on Feb 28 Kin 259), something a catholic pope did not do in the last 700 years. Then I started reading into the mysterious and unpublished document “19=260 The Holy Quran and the Law of Time” by Jose Arguelles on Feb 15 Kin 3 and synchronisticaly on the exact same day a big meteorite crashed into the Russian sky leaving a huge sonic boom. Which made me wonder what struck me more, the document and synchronicities inside it or the meteorite. Finally the Red Book arrived on Feb 20, Kin 8. I recorded this all into a little notebook which was synchronistically also the one Stephanie South (apprentice and successor of Jose) used for a while as revealed through one of her blogs.

When I first opened the Red Book and flipping through the pages I was totally amazed to see that the part with extraordinary Jung drawings, the so called Liber Secundus ends suddenly on page 189. My Tzolkin signature is Kin 189 – 03.03.1975. On the next two pages Jung describes in handwriting why he finished the work on this book after 16 years: It was because of a major synchronicity with his friend Richard Wilhelm Kin 207. At this point the content of the Red Book, as he described, found its way into actuality.

In 1928 Wilhelm sent Jung a Chinese meditation text he had recently translated and asked him to write a comment. Jung was stunned. In the text he saw a clear description of what he was doing, his own visionary technique. He realized the essence of this text, called The Secret of the Golden Flower, having a clear connection to his mandala on page 163 of the Red Book. This picture inside the Red Book is depicting a kind of castle/mandala seen from above, and Jung felt it was Chinese with it´s structure and yellow colors in the center. This Synchronicity affected him so much that he finally stopped working on the Red Book. He also started working with Alchemy. One big circle closed another started.

So I really wondered what this “ending” of the Red Book on page 189 was all about. To my luck one part of the Red Book is called Liber Primus which continues at this point beyond page 189. It is the text which Jung first transcribed into several notebooks. Later he would transcribe those notebooks into a big red leather bound book with letters in calligraphic old Gothic German. He would add also extraordinary drawings and this became the Red Book.

The Red Book  is a vast mystical conversation that Jung has with his soul, old wise men, young beautiful women, serpents, devils, angels and other characters regarding life, death, the female, love and himself. It is about his journey through life, his searching for truth and reads like a thousands of years old magic, sometimes crazy theater. It is about revelations, especially the visions he had preceding World War I and about guidance, like the meeting with prophet Philemon, who became an inner guide to Jung. At this – page 189 – in the book Jung feels like he is hanging in between the worlds, between Heaven and Earth for three days. It is a picture like the Nordic god Odin hanging in the tree for 9 nights. At the end of page 189 the serpent transforms into a white little bird and flies into the cloudy sky to contact the otherworldly and report to Jung.

Up there the little bird senses hell is closer to earth than heaven. And inside those vast immeasurable heavenly halls it then finds an abandoned crown lying on the street. A golden crown inscribed with the words “Love is never ending”. This phrase is taken from Corinthian 13.

page 189 where the serpent transforms into a bird and finds a golden crown

On that day Feb 20 2013, Kin 8, when the Red Book arrived, after I read the words about the serpent, bird and crown I fetched my daughter Lara Kin 186  from kindergarten and she had three handcrafted paper crowns with her.

A journey to Swiss Arcadia meeting C.G. Jung

Reading Jung´s (auto)biography Memories, Dreams and Reflections had been so fascinating and synchronistic that I decided to make a trip to Switzerland and visit the so called tower in Bollingen, his house and grave in Küsnacht at the lake Zurich and the CG Jung Institute. My short journey happened on Dec. 03/04 2015 Kin 244/245.

A first „enlightened“ moment was when the sun came through the fog and the sky cleared. I was close to lake Walen on highway number three when in front of me a beautiful mountain chain appeared. I was electrified because somehow I knew this special pattern of peaks from a mountain panorama website that was instrumental in wanting to dive more deeply into this art of combining hiking with panorama photography. But I was not certain.

Later when I came home I found that my memory was correct, it was the same mountain chain. Even though in the panorama picture it was seen from above, a different angle and at sunset.

Copyright: Thomas Pittelkow http://alpen-panoramen.de/panorama.php?pid=5398

Tower, cube and Greek wind mills

Bollingen is a tiny village at the upper Zurich lake, nowadays a street and railway is disturbing the silence but at C.G. Jung´s time it must have been a quiet and remote place. Best for going into retreat and contemplation. Jung spent the summer there for decades, building on his tower. It was a place of coming in contact with nature and spiritual nurture. He described the place as having a motherly energy for him, and that he only became fully himself while there.

Emma and Carl Jung at the Bollingen tower

The area of upper lake Zurich is similar to the landscape south of Munich, Germany were I come from, with lush green meadows and hills, a farmers countryside. Zurich is lying directly north of the lake and in the south of it the mountains start, while in Munich this is all a bit more stretched.

I found it interesting that Jung connected this place to his mother, who died shortly after he had bought and started building the first tower in Bollingen and my own personal lake and countryside memories are so much tied to my grandmother. She had lived at the upper lake Ammer in Fischen, Bavaria close to where an amazing crop circle had appeared on July 18.2014 Kin 1 (starting of Tzolkin). http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2014/Ammersee/Ammersee2014a.html

The house of my grandmother had been full of century old furniture, old paintings of masters, and arts and crafts from all over the world. It was furnished  a bit like Jung´s house in Küsnacht, and as children I remember it was like entering an adventurous fairy tale when we went to visit grandmother.

Back at home Jung´s book “Memory Dreams and Reflections” had astonished me as the Chapter with “THE TOWER” starts there on page 227. Exactly around that time I was busy in decoding Maya King Chan Valum´s (Bhalum) Tzolkin signature which was Kin 106 in Long Count and Kin 227 in Dreamspell. (106+227=333) Later I would buy a red caravan from a circus, renovating it for several months – this was coincidentally also on Kin 227. Now Jung´s Tower in Bollingen is a symbol of his innermost soul, his self, and starting on page 227 made an impression on me. By the way thank you so much Nickki Kin 227, for your believe in, support and editing help of this blog!

“Time is a child – playing like a child – playing a board game – the kingdom of the child. This is Telesphoros, who roams through the dark regions of this cosmos and glows like a star out of the depths. He points the way to the gates of the sun and to the land of dreams.” Memories, Dreams, Reflections page 227

Philemonis Sacrum—Fausti Poenitentia

Shrine of Philemon – Repentance of Faust

(Latin phrase above the entryway at Carl Jung’s Bollingen tower in Switzerland.)

Bollingen is also an area where you find a special sandstone which was used for building and was cut out of one of the several stone mines. Jung started building his first tower in 1922. What was important during this time was the process of being creative, contemplating and building with stone and not so much what the result might be. He consciously renounced any luxury like electricity, running water or a bathroom. He would cook his meals inside a steel pot on an open fire and heat the Tower with the same. He wanted it to be a place of coming back to nature and simplicity.

CG Jung inside his Bollingen tower

Gradually, through my scientific work, I was able to put my

fantasies and the contents of the unconscious on a solid footing.

Words and paper, however, did not seem real enough to me;

something more was needed. I had to achieve a kind of

representation in stone of my innermost thoughts and of the

knowledge I had acquired. Or, to put it another way, I had to make a

confession of faith in stone. That was the beginning of the “Tower,”

the house which I built for myself at Bollingen.

It was settled from the start that I would build near the water. I had

always been curiously drawn by the scenic charm of the upper lake

of Zurich, and so in 1922 I bought some land in Bollingen. It is

situated in the area of St. Meinrad and is old church land, having

formerly belonged to the monastery of St. Gall.

At first I did not plan a proper house, but merely a kind of primitive

one-story dwelling. It was to be a round structure with a hearth in the

center and bunks along the walls. I more or less had in mind an

African hut where the fire, ringed by a few stones, burns in the

middle, and the whole life of the family revolves around this center.

Primitive huts concretize an idea of wholeness, a familial

wholeness in which all sorts of small domestic animals likewise

participate. But I altered the plan even during the first stages of

building, for I felt it was too primitive. I realized it would have to be a

regular two-story house, not a mere hut crouched on the ground. So

in 1923 the first round house was built, and when it was finished I

saw that it had become a suitable dwelling tower.

The feeling of repose and renewal that I had in this tower was

intense from the start. It represented for me the maternal hearth. But

I became increasingly aware that it did not yet express everything

that needed saying, that something was still, lacking. And so, four

years later, in 1927, the central structure was added, with a tower like

annex. After some time had passed again the interval was four years I

once more had a feeling of incompleteness. The building still

seemed too primitive to me, and so in 1931 the tower-like annex

was extended. I wanted a room in this tower where I could exist for

myself alone. I had in mind what I had seen in Indian houses, in

which there is usually an area though it may be only a corner of a

room separated off by a curtain to which the inhabitants can

withdraw. There they meditate for perhaps a quarter or half an hour,

or do Yoga exercises. Such an area of retirement is essential in

India, where people live crowded very close together.

In my retiring room I am by myself. I keep the key with me all the

time; no one else is allowed in there except with my permission. In

the course of the years I have done paintings on the walls, and so

have expressed all those things which have carried me out of time

into seclusion, out of the present into timelessness. Thus the

second tower became for me a place of spiritual concentration.

At Bollingen I am in the midst of my true life, I am most deeply

myself. Here I am, as it were, the “age-old son of the mother.” That

is how alchemy puts it, very wisely, for the “old man” the “ancient,”

whom I had already experienced as a child, is personality No. 2,

who has always been and always will be. He exists outside time

and is the son of the maternal unconscious. In my fantasies he took

the form of Philemon, and he comes to life again at Bollingen.

At times I feel as if I am spread out over the landscape and inside

things, and am myself living in every tree, in the plashing of the

waves, in the clouds and the animals that come and go, in the

procession of the seasons. There is nothing in the Tower that has

not grown into its own form over the decades, nothing with which I

am not linked. Here everything has its history, and mine; here is

space for the spaceless kingdom of the world’s and the psyche’s

hinterland. I have done without electricity, and tend the fireplace and stove

myself. Evenings, I light the old lamps. There is no running water,

and I pump the water from the well. I chop the wood and cook the

food. These simple acts make man simple; and how difficult it is to be simple!

In Bollingen, silence surrounds me almost audibly, and I live “in

modest harmony with nature.”Thoughts rise to the surface which

reach back into the centuries, and accordingly anticipate a remote

future. Here the torment of creation is lessened; creativity and play are close together.

CG Jung, Memory, Dreams and Reflections, Chapter The Tower

Pictures of the first build tower in Bollingen reminded me immediately of wind mills you´ll find in Lefkada, Greece, the ionian island were my father and Greek descendants are from and which I have visited since I was a young child  almost every year. The similarity is striking.

Upper pictures: first draft of Bollingen tower by Jung, first tower construction, second line pictures: wind mills in Lefkada, Greece, bottom picture: authors favorite place on wind mill ruin

It happens that there is one of those wind mills directly on top of the hill above the small village of Spanohori, Lefkada, where my grandparents had lived. Inside this tower ruin is a fig tree growing, but you can still walk up the stairs along the walls to the top. Every time I have visited the island I would climb up there to enjoy the distant view and contemplate, or to watch the stars when it was later in the evening. Since my youth I also day dreamed often about buying this place one day and renovating it to live inside. This happened 20 years before I first heard of Jung in general and his Bollingen tower.

So there I was in Bollingen at Jung´s tower. The fence of the property consisted of three horizontal cables, with one step you could enter easily, but I preferred the open garden door. As I had no official invitation, I didn´t know anything else to do. At Jung´s Tower nobody could see you from the path due to beautiful big trees. I was quite a bit excited, I think first due to the fact that I was now at this mysterious place and second that somebody could detect me asking what I was doing there.

Finally I found a way across the stones directly at the lake shore onto the forecourt where Jung´s CUBE is standing. There was the cube he had made.

In 1950 I made a kind of monument out of stone to express what the

Tower means to me. The story of how this stone came to me is a

curious one. I needed stones for building the enclosing wall for the

so-called garden, and ordered them from the quarry near Bollingen.

I was standing by when the mason gave all the measurements to

the owner of the quarry, who wrote them down in his notebook.

When the stones arrived by ship and were unloaded, it turned out

that the cornerstone had altogether the wrong measurements;

instead of a triangular stone, a square block had been sent: a

perfect cube of much larger dimensions than had been ordered,

about twenty inches thick. The mason was furious and told the

barge men to take it right back with them.

But when I saw the stone, I said, “No, that is my stone, I must have

it!” For I had seen at once that it suited me perfectly and that I

wanted to do something with it. Only I did not yet know what.

The first thing that occurred to me was a Latin verse by the

alchemist Arnaldus de Villanova (died 1313). I chiseled this into the stone; in translation it goes:

“Here stands the mean, uncomely stone,

Tis very cheap in price!

The more it is despised by fools,

The more loved by the wise.”

This verse refers to the alchemist’s stone, the lapis, which is

despised and rejected. Soon something else emerged. I began to see on the front face, in

the natural structure of the stone, a small circle, a sort of eye, which

looked at me. I chiseled it into the stone, and in the center made a

tiny homunculus. This corresponds to the “little doll” (pupilla)

yourself which you see in the pupil of another’s eye; a kind of Kabir,

or the Telesphoros of Asklepios. Ancient statues show him wearing

a hooded cloak and carrying a lantern. At the same time he is a

pointer of the way. I dedicated a few words to him which came into

my mind while I was working. The inscription is in Greek; the translation goes:

“Time is a child, playing like a child, playing a board game, the

kingdom of the child. This is Telesphoros, who roams through the

dark regions of this cosmos and glows like a star out of the depths.

He points the way to the gates of the sun and to the land of dreams.”

These words came to me one after the other while I worked on the

stone. On the third face, the one facing the lake, I let the stone itself speak,

as it were, in a Latin inscription. These sayings are more or less

quotations from alchemy. This is the translation:

“I am an orphan, alone; nevertheless I am found everywhere. I am

one, but opposed to myself. I am youth and old man at one and the

same time. I have known neither father nor mother, because I have

had to be fetched out of the deep like a fish, or fell like a white stone

from heaven. In woods and mountains I roam, but I am hidden in the

innermost soul of man. I am mortal for everyone, yet I am not

touched by the cycle of aeons.”

The first sentence is a fragment from Heraclitus; the second sentence

alludes to the Mithras liturgy, and the last sentence to Homer (Odyssey,

Book 24, verse 12),

In conclusion, under the saying of Arnaldus de Villanova, I set down in Latin the words

“In remembrance of his seventy-fifth birthday C.G. Jung made and placed this here as a thanks offering, in the year 1950.”

When the stone was finished, I looked at it again and again,

wondering about it and asking myself what lay behind my impulse to carve it.

The stone stands outside the Tower, and is like an explanation of it.

It is a manifestation of the occupant, but one which remains

incomprehensible to others. Do you know what I wanted to chisel

into the back face of the stone? “Le cri de Merlin!” For what the

stone expressed reminded me of Merlin’s life in the forest, after he

had vanished from the world. Men still hear his cries, so the legend

runs, but they cannot understand or interpret them.

Merlin represents an attempt by the medieval unconscious to create

a parallel figure to Parsifal. Parsifal is a Christian hero, and Merlin,

son of the devil and a pure virgin, is his dark brother. In the twelfth

century, when the legend arose, there were as yet no premises by

which his intrinsic meaning could be understood. Hence he ended

in exile, and hence “le cri de Merlin” which still sounded from the

forest after his death. This cry that no one could understand implies

that he lives on in unredeemed form. His story is not yet finished,

and he still walks abroad. It might be said that the secret of Merlin

was carried on by alchemy, primarily in the figure of Mercurius.

Then Merlin was taken up again in my psychology of the

unconscious and remains uncomprehended to this day.  That is

because most people find it quite beyond them to live on close

terms with the unconscious. Again and again I have had to learn

how hard this is for people.

CG Jung, Memory, Dreams, Reflections, Chapt. The Tower

Star Mandala inside tower

In remembrance to his 75th birthday C.G.Jung set and made this stone with gratitude in the year 1950.

When the stone was ready, I looked at it again and again, wondered about and asked myself, what does it mean that you do something like this.” CG Jung

The Law of Time and Cube Cosmology

The Cube is the primary structural form that is absolutely equalized from all points of space. Any face you put on it will be the same and equal. In the process of creation, the Cube represents the capacity for the creative process to equalize itself in all directions simultaneously. All  aspects of creation are equal. In pre-cosmic history the human is torn by different ideologies and sectarian differences and has problems comprehending what a speck we are in the whole scheme of things.

The essence of the Cube is found in its structure with three planes projected into two sides each creating its six faces, with the seven in the center as the mirror. The Cube also has eight vertices or corners. Eight is the number of galactic harmony or integrity. Each point of the Cube is a point of meditation.

The three planes of the Cube represent the creative, meditative process as it establishes the most fundamental structural components of existence. This also demonstrates that the first universe is all structures of mind, or the imaginal realms. Only later is the phenomenal universe born.

These three planes describe the actual reflection of the mind of God which is absolutely clear, radiant and unobstructed. God is pure mind, spirit, and will. Only through the exertion of the will of God does the creation of the universe come into existence. Manifestation is the result of an interactive process of the three planes of the Cube moving forward as a single unit.

Great works of art move us so much because of the balances interaction of the three planes of the Cube. Mind receives data; Spirit synthesizes and inspires; Will takes action. The ground of our being and reality relies on these three planes. This is the fundamental basis of cube cosmology.

From the Preface of Book of the Cube, Cosmic History Chronicles Volume VII

I left the place as I had found it, taking only three pieces of paper rubbish with me and made my way up the lake street towards Küsnacht, nowadays a suburb of Zurich. My portable navigation for the car didn`t work, so I had to use the signs on the streets and from time to time a map on my cellphone where a blinking blue spot showed me my position. (Back at that time I had no Google maps or similar App installed)

The path is the goal – no need to search

Sometimes only later you find out the purpose for why things don`t work. Nothing happens without a reason and the invisible Synchronic Order is kind of “arranging” all things and events with a higher intelligence.

When I came to Küsnacht I pulled the car over into an entrance at a building site. I wanted to quickly check the location of the C.G.Jung Institute before visiting it the next day. I knew that it was on Horn street 28 which was very close to the Lake street and somehow I reasoned it was possibly the address of the former private house of Jung.

I took my cellphone to check the map for further directions. For orientation I looked out of the car window to my left and I saw the house number 228, then I saw a house with a tower in the front of it inside which was also the entrance. I was thunderstruck, I knew this house from a photograph somehow.

House of CG Jung, Lake street 228

I got out of the car and went to the entrance, there were three mailboxes, one inscribed with the Name Jung- Gerber. Shortly later my conjecture was confirmed: This was the House of C.G. Jung, Lake street 228, Küsnacht. Without consciously knowing I had stopped DIRECTLY in front of it.

C.G. Jung Institute closed on 189

A few days before my trip I had surfed the CG Jung Institute webpage to check opening hours and the location when I stumbled again upon a synchronicity. In red letters was written:

I remember checking the Oct 09 2015 date and the Tzolkin Kin five times to see if it really was Kin 189, my signature. This made such an impression on me that I knew this trip would be important.

Also on October 09 2009 Sonu Shamdasani, the man who probably knows C.G. Jung better than C.G. Jung himself, initiator and editor of the Red Book introduced this one officially to the public in New York City. Note that this was exactly six years prior to the “library closing” on October 09 2015.

Red Book presentation, New York City, October 09

Daughters dream and our house

Also back at that time my daughter, Lara, Kin 186, surprised me with a painting she made depicting a house which I perceived immediately as that one of the C.G.Jung Institute. Actually she had drawn a whole story consisting of three pictures as she had had a dream the night before: With the first picture a rainbow in the sky, the second picture a lake/sea with a shark inside, and in the third picture she explained “we returned to home” which was the house.

C.G. Jung Institute at lake Zurich and daughters picture of dream

Grave and Antennas

Then I continued my journey to the grave of Jung. This time I found it immediately. I parked the car at the community center in front of the church, went to the graveyard where I asked a young female gardener if this was the graveyard where Carl Jung was buried. She had no idea but confirmed that there was only one graveyard in Küsnacht, so I presumed I was correct. I went into it, went straight, made a right turn at the funeral parlor, then left-right again and within two minutes I was standing in front of the grave. It was like I had intuitive antennas guiding me.

I have had other experiences before with graveyards. Several years ago I wanted to visit the grave of my grandfather from my mothers side whom I have never met as he had died when I was very young. Even though my mother had given me directions I searched for this grave for about an hour on the graveyard in Bruneck, South Tirol, Italy without success. Finally I had to leave without finding it at all.

CG Jung family grave, no 63

There at Jung´s family grave I contemplated on – what else – but the meaning of life and death and continued then for a short visit into the church.

Later someone brought to my attention that Jung´s grave number 63 is also my combined frequency of Tzolkin Archetype number 9 Muluc/Moon and resonant tone 7. 9×7=63  (Red Resonant Moon also written 9.7 or Kin 189) While also the combined frequency my partner Nicola Kin 208, my daughter Lara Kin 186 and me Kin 189 is 208+186+189 = (583 – 2×260) = 63.

Then I proceeded to my hotel. I had booked an affordable room inside a hotel which had in the stairwell outdated graphics of circus lions. My room number was 205. Kin 205+ Kin 244 the day I arrived there is 449 -260 is Kin 189! After coming home another synchronicity hit me: Chapter 22 of the biography I bought in the Jung Institute is called Bollingen. Always when the Jung’s went to their retreat place the Tower they simply called it “Bollingen” and this chapter starts on page 449. And 449 is 449-260 = 189.

German version of Memories, Dreams and Reflections, chapter the “tower” starting on page 227 and Jung biography by Deirdre Bair, chapter “Bollingen”  starting on page 449

At the lake with thousand houses

The next day I visited the C.G. Jung Institute which houses a library and small bookshop and is also right by lake Zurich. I finally bought two books, one the above mentioned authorized 1166 page biography about Jung by Deidre Bair. Stepping outside into the little park surrounding the institute I looked over lake Zurich and wondered about all the houses on the other shore. This picture kind of disturbs me as I´m used to seeing a lake, that one of lake Ammer for example, with nature or maybe small villages at the shore, but not a whole city.

So called “gold coast” of lake Zurich and page 169 and 170 of the Red Book

But this picture not only disturbs me but also reminds me on picture 169 of the Red Book. The reader wonders if this picture is maybe  one Jung never finished. It is depicting several faces and a star/flower/mandala in the left corner. The next page 170 is the only one in the whole Red Book which is left empty. Completely empty as if somebody can fill it now. In 1959 Jung tried to finish the picture, which is about death but seemingly did not manage to.

On the way home, another tower?

The next day I decided to pass by Bollingen Tower on the route home again. This time I only looked at the Tower from outside the property and made a long walk through the forests above it where you have a great view across the lake and the surrounding mountains. I found another Tower, with similarity’s to Jung´s and wondered about it. It was also looking like a kind of holiday space with chopped wood in front of the door, but the structure was four-cornered while Jung´s tower was  round. Only a year later or so I would stumble upon a Youtube video about Marie Louise von Franz – a very close disciple and friend of Jung, which revealed to me that she had build the other Tower.

Marie-Luise von Franz Tower

Marie-Luise von Franz in an interview on telepathic dreams

Synchronic chocolate

When I drove home on the Swiss highway I stopped at a rest station to get something for my dears at home. I went into a shop, got two packets of chocolate, each worth about the amount of money I had left in Swiss currency. At the cash desk I grabbed out from my pocket my last swiss coins and asked the cashier women to kindly count them for me, as I was not used to this currency and she could do this much faster then me. It was exactly 12.49 Sfr. Synchronistically one of the chocolate packets price was exactly 12.49 Sfr, so the decision was easy which one I would take, while the cashier women looked a bit surprised.

synchronic chocolate

Then I drove home again and contemplated the meaning of the tower, stone in general and the mountains. Appropriately I also passed the little principality Liechtenstein which can be translated as Light-Stone. I came to the conclusion that it not only protects, as I was passing several stone castles on hills and rocks, but also conserves. Time will make everything disappear finally, everything will vanish into dust, but the last one´s will be the information’s and images carved into and out of stone.

I have been several times to Switzerland and found this country with its majestic mountain peaks somehow very connected to nature and mystically “charged” in certain ways, even though Swiss society is quite structured and correct. Maybe this resonates a swiss + Arcadian dream as the founding of Switzerland happened on Aug. 01 1291 Kin 20, on Rütli meadow close to Urner lake and the three communities involved were Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden. There are many UR´s inside local names, interesting to consider when the first mentioned “city” of the world was Ur- Uk in nowadays Iraq. Jose Arguelles picked this up and promoted the retURn to UR – Universal Religion. Also the Mythen peaks are national symbols which trace back to the Greek word mythology.

Bern, 20. 5. 2003 Copyright Peter Mosimann: Nationalratssaal

Swiss national council hall with wall picture depicting Mythen peaks and Ruetli meadow

Jose Arguelles

It was in Genève, Switzerland inside the Museum of Time that Jose Arguelles detected the artificial and harmonic Timing Frequencies of 12:60 and 13:20 on Dec. 10 1989. C.G. Jung synchronistically started working at Burghölzli hospital on Dec. 10 1900, exactly 89 years before the detection of the Law of Time. While Jose Arguelles would later die on Kin 89 (March 23 2011)

José worked out the mathematical codes of the Tzolkin (Dreamspell) and its accompanying Book of Kin, while staying in a cold, dark, Gothic house in Dornach, Switzerland. This house was designed in the early part of the twentieth century by esoteric philosopher, Rudolf Steiner. José felt the mathematical codes existed as a living universal intelligence that belonged to no one group or race, but displayed a cosmic message meant for all peoples.

„By 1988 it was clear that I had no choice but to devote my entire life to the final unraveling of the Mayan mathematic code of time so that its significance could impact modern civilization in its entirety. Assisted by my partner and wife, Lloydine, we hit paydirt at the Museum of Time in Geneva, Switzerland in December of 1989. Finally we understood: humanity has evolved historically, unbeknownst to itself, under increasing stress of a false and artificial timing frequency, the 12:60 (12-month calendar, 60-minute hour). As a result, humanity has deviated from nature, and without correcting its timing frequency will end in disaster, sooner than later. The natural, galactic timing frequency was encoded by the Maya in the tzolkin, and is known as the 13:20 (13 galactic tones, 20 solar frequencies). Following the discovery of the timing frequencies came the rediscovery of the 13-moon, 28-day calendar to replace the erroneous Gregorian Calendar, and the codes of fourth-dimensional time Dreamspell, the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013 (1990-91), hitherto unknown to historical caught in its increasingly entropic 12:60 time distortion.“ Jose Arguelles, The call of Pacal Votan

Further synchronic notes on C.G. Jung and the author

Are you baptized already?

It was Feb 03 2016 Kin 46 that Jung came into my life again. I was working that evening in my cab when I was thinking about this Jung synchronicity story and felt disappointed that I sometimes don´t have as much time as I wish to study things. Around that time I was very busy working on a Mayan blog but also felt that I got stuck somehow on the subject.

However, I continued to think about Jung and envisioned reading again into his autobiography. This thought really lifted me up, when ten minutes later my partner Nicola called. She told me that she had just phoned with her good friend Beate, who has been living for two years at lake Genève, Switzerland and that she was planning on visiting her the next Easter holidays.

A bit later two women were my passengers in the cab driving to the Opera and somehow we came to speak about the subject of the church. I told them that I had left this “society” consciously in my youth when I was 18 years old and pointed to the fact of recent scandals inside the catholic church, like child abuse and the resignation of pope Benedikt. One of the women asked me if I was baptized, and I answered:  “Yes certainly” and continued ironically that I had performed rituals reversing this fact. She answered something like: “Well if you are baptized, then you are forever.”

Later that evening at home I did as planned and read again into chapters of CG Jung´s autobiography, Memories, Dreams and Reflections. I was just about to close the light of my bed lamp and slip over into the Dreamland, when I decided to jump quickly into the short chapter “Journey to Ravenna and Rome”

Church of Galla Placidia

In this Chapter CG Jung describes his second visit to the byzantine Mausoleum and Baptize Church in Ravenna, Italy, which were build by the female 5th century Emperor Galla Placidia. This visit not only made a fascinating impression on Jung, but also was enlightened by an extraordinary vision Jung and his female companion had. How strange and synchronistic is it that I have a conversation with a women in the early evening which is all about the church and my baptism and hours later I read into Jung´s autobiography, a chapter which is all about the Baptisterium in Ravenna and the vision he had of Jesus being baptized.

Are you baptized? The Baptisterium in Ravenna, Italy

Even on the occasion of my first visit to Ravenna in 1913, the tomb

of Galla Placidia seemed to me significant and unusually

fascinating. The second time, twenty years later, I had the same

feeling. Once more I fell into a strange mood in the tomb of Galla

Placidia; once more I was deeply stirred. I was there with an

acquaintance, and we went directly from the tomb into the Baptistery of the Orthodox.

Here, what struck me first was the mild blue light that filled the room;

yet I did not wonder about this at all. I did not try to account for its

source, and so the wonder of this light without any visible source did

not trouble me. I was somewhat amazed because, in place of the

windows I remembered having seen on my first visit, there were

now four great mosaic frescoes of incredible beauty which, it

seemed, I had entirely forgotten. I was vexed to find my memory so

unreliable. The mosaic on the south side represented the baptism

in the Jordan; the second picture, on the north, was of the passage

of the Children of Israel through the Red Sea; the third, on the east,

soon faded from my memory. It might have shown Naaman being

cleansed of leprosy in the Jordan; there was a picture on this theme

in the old Merian Bible in my library, which was much like the

mosaic. The fourth mosaic, on the west side of the baptistery, was the most

impressive of all. We looked at this one last. It represented Christ

holding out his hand to Peter, who was sinking beneath the waves.

We stopped in front of this mosaic for at least twenty minutes and

discussed the original ritual of baptism, especially the curious

archaic conception of it as an initiation connected with real peril of

death. Such initiations were often connected with the peril of death

and so served to express the archetypal idea of death and rebirth.

Baptism had originally been a real submersion which at least

suggested the danger of drowning.

I retained the most distinct memory of the mosaic of Peter sinking,

and to this day can see every detail before my eyes: the blue of the

sea, individual chips of the mosaic, the inscribed scrolls

proceeding from the mouths of Peter and Christ, which I attempted

to decipher. After we left the baptistery, I went promptly to Alinari to

buy photographs of the mosaics, but could not find any. Time was

pressing this was only a short visit and so I postponed the purchase

until later. I thought I might order the pictures from Zurich.

When I was back home, I asked an acquaintance who was going to

Ravenna to obtain the pictures for me. He could not locate them, for

he discovered that the mosaics I had described did not exist.

Meanwhile, I had already spoken at a seminar about the original

conception of baptism, and on this occasion had also mentioned

the mosaics that I had seen in the Baptistery of the Orthodox. [5]

The memory of those pictures is still vivid to me. The lady who had

been there with me long refused to believe that what she had “seen

with her own eyes” had not existed.

As we know, it is very difficult to determine whether, and to what

extent, two persons simultaneously see the same thing. In this case,

however, I was able to ascertain that at least the main features of

what we both saw had been the same.

This experience in Ravenna is among the most curious events in

my life. It can scarcely be explained. A certain light may possibly be

cast on it by an incident in the story of Empress

Galla Placidia. During a stormy crossing from Byzantium to

Ravenna in the worst of winter, she made a vow that if she came

through safely, she would build a church and have the perils of the

sea represented in it. She kept this vow by building the basilica of

San Giovanni in Ravenna and having it adorned with mosaics. In

the early Middle Ages, San Giovanni, together with its mosaics,

was destroyed by fire; but in the Ambrosiana in Milan is still to be

found a sketch representing Galla Placidia in a boat.

I had, from the first visit, been personally affected by the figure of

Galla Placidia, and had often wondered how it must have been for

this highly cultivated, fastidious woman to live at the side of a

barbarian prince. Her tomb seemed to me a final legacy through

which I might reach her personality. Her fate and her whole being

were vivid presences to me; with her intense nature, she was a

suitable embodiment for my anima.

The anima of a man has a strongly historical character. As a

personification of the unconscious she goes back into prehistory,

and embodies the contents of the past. She provides the individual

with those elements that he ought to know about his pre-history. To

the individual, the anima is all life that has been in the past and is

still alive in him. In comparison to her I have always felt myself to be

a barbarian who really has no history like a creature just sprung out

of nothingness, with neither a past nor a future.

In the course of my confrontation with the anima I had actually had a

brush with those perils which I saw represented in the mosaics. I

had come close to drowning. The same thing happened to me as to

Peter, who cried for help and was rescued by Jesus. What had

been the fate of Pharaoh’s army could have been mine. Like Peter

and like Naaman, I came away unscathed, and the integration of the

unconscious contents made an essential contribution to the

completion of my personality.

What happens within oneself when one integrates previously

unconscious contents with the consciousness is something which

can scarcely be described in words. It can only be experienced. It is

a subjective affair quite beyond discussion; we have a particular

feeling about ourselves, about the way we are, and that is a fact

which it is neither possible nor meaningful to doubt. Similarly, we

convey a particular feeling to others, and that too is a fact that

cannot be doubted. So far as we know, there is no higher authority

which could eliminate the probable discrepancies between all these

impressions and opinions. Whether a change has taken place as

the result of integration, and what the nature of that change is,

remains a matter of subjective conviction. To be sure, it is not a fact

which can be scientifically verified and therefore finds no place in

an official view of the world. Yet it nevertheless remains a fact which

is in practice uncommonly important and fraught with

consequences. Realistic psychotherapists, at any rate, and

psychologists interested in therapy, can scarcely afford to overlook facts of this sort.

Since my experience in the baptistery in Ravenna, I know with

certainty that something interior can seem to be exterior, and that

something exterior can appear to be interior. The actual walls of the

baptistery, though they must have been seen by my physical eyes,

were covered over by a vision of some altogether different sight

which was as completely real as the unchanged baptismal font.

Which was real at that moment?

CG Jung, Memory, Dreams, Reflections, Chapt. Ravenna

The three Spiritual Selves and Selfies 03.03.


I was born on March 03 1975, so I have a double 03.03. inside my birth date. C.G. Jung was born on July 26 1875, on the first day of the 13 Moon 28 day calendar and left this planet on June 06 1961 – which is certainly 06.06. His first experiment with “active imagination” was recorded on Dez 12 1913 – 12.12. It would blow the frame of this blog if we´d go into detail what “active imagination” is about so I present a link for the interested reader.


It was during Advent of the year 1913 – December 12, to be exact – that I resolved upon the decisive step. I was sitting at my desk once more, thinking over my fears. Then I let myself drop. Suddenly it was as though the ground literally gave way beneath my feet, and I plunged into the dark depths. C.G. Jung MDR https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Active_imagination

Synchronic awakening early on 12.12. to see it is 06.06.

Synchronistically this blog was ready and first time published on 12.12.2017 exactly 104 years after Jung “resolved upon the decisive step“. In the Tzolkin Matrix both days are coded by Kin 203 – Blue Galactic Night, this is due to the fact, that the Tzolkin syncs with the Gregorian calendar at the exact same point only every 52 years. While now when I once again edit and upload this blog it is exactly 203 Tzolkin later from Jung´s birth on Kin 234 and I myself enter my Kin 234 year on March 03 2020.

Through death this book was born. This introduction begins in a dream: Full Moon, Kin 203 Blue Galactic Night, 114 days since the departure of Valum Votan (spiritual name of Jose Arguelles)

Fear nothing” Valum Votan said to me in the dream. “Grieve not! Arise and go forward!” Fear not, the world is mere illusion. A plastic facade bendable by truth.”

In the dream he held out a crystal cube. He motioned for me to concentrate. I gazed into the cube and at first saw nothing but superficial reflections …

Stephanie South Kin 185 – Introduction to the Cube book – The Mystery of Life and Death

(Note that CG Jung died on 06.06.1961 which was Kin 114)

At another place inside his biography Jung reports a date when talking about his heart attack and the following visions he had which lasted for weeks while lying inside a hospital bed. It was April 04 1944 or 04.04. – the day his Doctor died – which he foresaw.

Three spiritual selfs

I was born into a German-Greek family and because you have the ability here to possess two passports in early 2016 I decided to get my Greek passport updated,. I had only one from the year 1980, at that time I was five years old. I went to the Greek embassy with papers and passport photos and explained to them what I wanted.

At the embassy they said, Ok everything is fine but I have to get new passport photos as these one I brought with me contained too many shadows in the face and would be rejected from authorities in Athens, Greece. I created a story that I had been in a photo studio to make them, etc. but it was useless, I had to do them again.

Actually this was a bluff, as we had done the pictures ourselves. As a Mountain Panorama photographer I have a really professional camera, and at home I asked my partner to push the button of the camera. I thought why should I spend money on passport pictures if we could do them ourselves.

I was a bit angry on my own stupidity, as I had to make now pictures again and also head to the Greek embassy again to deliver them. (Which all worked out well the second time, again with “selfies”) Finally I laughed about the story and I had created somehow a “triple” passport picture of myself. I really don´t know why I did this, especially three pics and not two or four, but just around that time a friend send me a link to an article called “Carl Gustav Jung – The Three Births of the Human Spirit“

My friend told me also that he nearly spilled his coffee when he saw the article in the morning and the date it was posted. It was published March 03 2016 – my birthday. Besides this, this day was coded by Kin 132 in the traditional Mayan Tzolkin count – my signature.

Sophia and Emmanuel

In his article „Jung and Aion: Time, Vision and a Wayfaring Man“, Lance S. Owens is reflecting on Jung´s Red Book, his work Aion and the coming of a New Age. Towards the end he states from a dream “a middle aged woman, with a remarkable interior relationship to Jung“ had in February 1993.

“The dream goes like this: She (the dreamer) is in a store buying a cup of coffee. Instead of accepting her $20 bill in payment, the female clerk insists on giving her a $5 bill, saying,“You may return it next time”. She leaves, thinking, “It makes no sense” Something similar happens again in a vaguely remembered scene involving her automobile. Then the image radically changes. I transcribe verbatim from her dream journal as recorded in the morning, February 07 1993: Jung is speaking, though unseen. It is Him speaking from another realm, the spirit. He is speaking about the termination or culmination of this present age, with an emphasis on the feminine who is called Sophia. A book is placed before me after Jung concludes speaking. It is a New Book, a new beginning. And the reading the book is opened to is entitled Emmanuel. This clearly is the new feminine name, i.e., it has replaced Sophia. The book is Jung’s work. I proceed reading aloud. There seems first to be the introductory lines and a marked emphasis on the lifting of the weight of oppression this age had with it, bringing a quality of joy, and the people shall experience lightness of heart. The dream memory ended there, with this final note added: “Emmanuel = With us is God.” by Lance S. Owens


The synchronistic element here is that my elder sister is called Sofia, but foremost that my own second name is “Emmanuel”. I never had a relationship to this name, it was simply standing there at the second place of my passports, as if somebody had written it down and then forgotten. My friends simply call me Jannis. I raised my eyebrows once again on this synchronicity.

Smanthabadra and dedication 189

It was in Oct. 2017 that I decided to order a book I had in mind for awhile: “House C.G. Jung”. It was offered by the book dealer as “Used, in a very good condition, with a little dedication inside, maybe from one of the authors”

I expected already that another synchronicity would follow, and also had this dedication in my mind when it arrived. I don´t know who wrote it down, but the date added to it is May 12 2009. This is three days after my daughter Lara Kin 186 was born (May 09 2009). And translated into Tzolkin this day May 12 2009 is – what else but – Kin 189.

Dear Hector, with best Thanks for your competent guidings. To thanks E. Hearted Thanks. 12/05/09 …… three thanks inside text.

House CG Jung book, a picture of Jung´s Samanthabadra hanging  inside his library and dedication of the book on Kin 189

One week before this book arrived I cleared my bookshelf from books I was not interested any more, and made a box for a second hand dealer. A lot of time during my life I was kind of “searching”. In my youth, I remember, it was the search  for “that special book”. I would go into a bookstore – foremost esoteric one´s and think: “Wow, mayby today I´ll find it, that one book which is the answer to my searching”. Today twenty years later I´m not searching anymore. A good portion in coming to this point was certainly  the knowledge of the Law of Time and the teachings of Jose Arguelles.

Another point which brought me away from books is certainly my family. Living everyday s life with your partner and child, makes basic things in life important, and not far out mind stuff. Also watching your daughter growing up, her pure, open and wonderful simple mind, her curiousness, her laughter and her childish but supreme imagination teaches you more than what is written down in any book. Throughout my life I didn´t find any ultimate answers inside a book. Yes I got inspiration and guidance and knowledge, but not the ultimate answer. And Douglas Adams would say anyway: “The ultimate answer to the Universe and the whole rest is the number 42!”

Synchronic Side Note: Without consciously knowing but within the exact hour of editing this part of the blog and adding the picture above (Dec. 11 2017 est. 11.00 am)   information about Jung´s dream before discovering alchemy: A library with 16th century manuscripts appeared in the Facebook group Carl Jung Depth Psychology: “Before I discovered alchemy, I had a series of dreams which repeatedly dealt with the same theme.  Beside my house stood another, that is to say, another wing or annex, which was strange to me.  Each time I would wonder in my dream why I did not know this house, although it had apparently always been there.  Finally came a dream in which I reached the other wing.  I discovered there a wonderful library, dating largely from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  Large, fat folio volumes, bound in pigskin, stood along the walls. Among them were a number of books embellished with copper engravings of a strange character, and illustrations containing curious symbols such as I had never seen before.  At the time I did not know to what they referred; only much later did I recognize them as alchemical symbols.  In the dream I was conscious only of the fascination exerted by them and by the entire library.  It was a collection of medieval incunabula and sixteenth-century printings. The unknown wing of the house . . . and especially the library, referred to alchemy, of which I was ignorant, but which I was soon to study. Some fifteen years later I had assembled a library very like the one in the dream.” ~Carl Jung, Jung’s Last Years, Page 53. https://www.facebook.com/groups/56536297291/permalink/10155952540612292/

Today I like the concept of reducing your possessions to 100 items, and this would include also my bookshelf. So I cleared it one more time. I also came across printed notes called “The wish fulfilling prayer of Samanthabadra” a Buddhist prayer and meditation technique. Papers I had since I attended a weekend Buddhist course somewhere in Switzerland twenty years ago. At this course I got an initiation into the Samanthabadra meditation technique and when it was finished while driving home on the highway with  other attendants we saw the most brilliant and big triple rainbow ever. I have never seen such a perfect and overwhelming rainbow again.

So standing there  at my bookshelf I thought: “As I didn´t practice this Buddhist technique for the last twenty years I can also throw it into the paper bin now.” And so I did. One week later I would read in “House C.G. Jung”, that Jung had a big Bhoddisattva Smanthabadra cotton-picture hanging in the middle of his library. Today whereabouts unknown …

Jung has not been able to sleep, and addresses his Soul, asking why. She says there is no time to sleep, he has great work to begin, he must go to “a higher level of consciousness.” Jung asks, “What is it? Speak!”


You should listen: to no longer be a Christian is easy. But what next? For more is yet to come. Everything is waiting for you. And you? You remain silent and have nothing to say. But you should speak. Why have you received the revelation? You should not hide it. You concern yourself with the form? Is the form important, when it is a matter of revelation?


But you are not thinking that I should publish what I have  written

[Red Book) That would be a misfortune. And who would understand it?


No, listen! … your calling comes first.


But what is my calling?


The new religion and its proclamation.


Oh God, how should I do this?


Do not be of such little faith. No one knows it as you do. There is no one who could say it as well as you could.


But who knows, if you are not lying?


Ask yourself if I am lying. I speak the truth.

Three days later, his soul explains further: “You know everything that is to be known about the manifested revelation, but you do not yet live everything that is to be lived at this time…. The way is symbolic.”

I worked on this paper over a period of two years and recently again three days. I didn´t know what else to do but write those Synchronicities with Jung down …. as good as I can. There is more but not explainable in a blog.  I think Jung felt very often alone with his deep inner world  exploring the unconscious. Who can guide you when you enter those realms? Yet he did it for humanity. His work continues to inspire,teach and affect people all over the world. There is a saying that the enlightenment of one is the enlightenment of everybody. Sometimes I felt the same loneliness. I believe this loneliness is more painful than dead, dead can be a relief. Dead is only a portal when body and psyche dissolves and the soul travels through the dimensions  to find new parents to incarnate. Maybe this loneliness is an aspect of unfinished page 170 of the Red Book. Jung said that page 170 is about dead and he could not finish it as it was too painful for him. Into a Maya blog I once wrote: “Start Wavespell of Love Kin 170, polarity of death-fear is overcome, Martian Time Tunnel repaired. The Traditional Mayan name of Palenque is Bak, which in nearly all languages of Central America means, skull, bone and at the same time seed.”

In lak ech, Iam another urself, Agent 189

Garden of CG Jung house

Corinthians 13

1 If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.

3 If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part,

10 but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears.

11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.

12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

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